Our Values

As humans, the more we learn, the more we realize what we don’t know. The skilled lawyer is not entirely skilled because of what he knows and understands. He is skilled because of his realization of the unknown, because of his ability to discover the solutions to challenging inquiries. The journey toward achieving justice is our greatest responsibility as lawyers and it is paramount that our clients understand our principles and values which illuminate our path along that journey.

Family Values

It is common for family members and close friends to contact our law firm when a loved one is injured or harmed. We believe that the family unit is the essential corner stone of our community and we want you to understand that we treat our clients, and their loved ones, as an extension of our own families. As we cherish and care deeply for our own families, they in turn inspire us to achieve greatness on behalf of our clients. When you step through the door of our law firm, you will be at home with lawyers who will treat you as if you were family.

West Virginia Values

As West Virginians, we share a bond with one another unlike those amongst citizens from any other state in our nation. That is because together, we share old-fashioned and traditional values that are becoming more rare in our world. We continue to believe in work ethic, compassion, self-sufficiency, duty, honor and country. You can rest assured that when you seek our help, as West Virginians, we are guided by these values that we likely share in common with you. If you are injured or harmed in West Virginia, but are a resident of another state, you too can rest assured that we impart these values to you as our neighbor.

Constitutional Values

Our Founding Fathers were the architects of the single most important document in modern history, the United States Constitution. The Constitution cultivated the fertile fields from which our modern day legal system continues to grow. This legal system undoubtedly offers opportunities for justice and equity at a level that is unavailable in any other nation in our world. Unfortunately, when you are injured or harmed, discovering such opportunity and achieving such justice and equity is unlikely without competent lawyers to lead the way. We hold true the concepts and ideas bestowed upon us by our founders through that sacred document and view our representation of you, as our client, as an extension of a representation of the United States Constitution.