What's My Case Worth?

The question of the “worth” of your case is not a question about monetary compensation. Our attorneys at Rich & Gutta, PLLC, will never speculate on the amount of compensation you may receive from a claim. When we reference the worth of your case, we are talking about what type of intrinsic value a lawsuit may, or may not, bring to your life. Lawsuits dealing with injury are serious matters intended to provide equity and relief to those who are injured, as well as provide a means for holding those accountable for causing the harm.

Accidents, illnesses and deaths are traumatic events, not only for victims but also for their families. These instances can result in significant medical bills, loss of income, and pain and suffering, among other damages. Additionally, the financial and emotional ramifications on family members can be excruciating. Often times, victims are hesitant to pursue the person or party that caused their harm because they feel a sense of guilt associated with the idea of bringing a lawsuit. Other times, victims may be too hasty in their desire to file a lawsuit without having a full appreciation for the risks involved or a consideration for the level to which they themselves may be at fault.

Attorneys are also known as “counselors-at-law”. In this capacity, our attorneys at Rich & Gutta, PLLC, may counsel you or your family with respect to these, and other considerations that should be evaluated before filing a lawsuit. Although our attorneys will not speculate on the amount of compensation you may be entitled to, our attorneys can evaluate what categories of monetary damages you may be entitled to. Accumulatively, the considerations involving types of compensation, equity, relief and justice make up the value or the “worth” of your case to your life and the lives of your family.